Paul Donne

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Celebrant Category: Funeral Celebrant

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  • ‘My aim is for you to feel fully supported throughout our entire time together.’

    I’m Paul, and I have a calm, flexible and intelligent approach to my work as a Celebrant, whether visiting your family, making contacts, creating Ceremonies or holding the Funeral for your loved one on the day.

    The day you say a final farewell to a loved one though is no ordinary day.  In fact, it can be one of the hardest days we ever have to face.

    No two Ceremonies are ever the same – and nor should they be –  so it can take skill and careful crafting to get each one ‘just right’.

    A well structured Ceremony not only has the ability to make each Funeral unique and fitting, but also full of beauty and originality – a time to honor and celebrate your loved one’s life, whilst providing a voice for the loss felt by all those who knew them.  It can also begin to help those left behind to gently move forward after the loss.

    The inspiration for the Ceremonies I create is drawn from the unique life of your loved one, as well as your own treasured memories that you share when we meet.  Your loved one’s wishes and beliefs (as well as your own input to the Ceremony) are what is most important to me when I work with you as your Celebrant.  Whatever your need though, I will offer as much input and support as you feel is right for you and your family – whether just a guiding hand, or a fully lead Ceremony.

    I can also support you in any part of the preparation or holding of the Ceremony you would like to be involved in; that could be bringing your loved one into the Ceremony, lighting candles, speaking, singing or decorating the space – all little touches to make the whole Ceremony that bit more special.  I am also happy to suggest music, readings and poems if you do not have too many ideas of your own.

    With my careful and involved preparation throughout the time I work with you and your family, whether with your chosen Funeral Director, or the staff at the venue; together, we all work as a team to make sure that, on the day, the Funeral Ceremony is the best it could be – something ‘just right’ and one which you will treasure in the times ahead.

    Based in South Essex, I am happy to work with families throughout Essex, East London and Hertfordshire – and will happily consider travelling further if requested.

    Fully accredited as a Funeral Celebrant by Green Fuse and the APT, I feel extremely privileged to work alongside any family for whom I will be the Celebrant during such a tender time – and that makes me hugely proud of both my training, and the work I do.

  • Testimonials:

    "Thank you for being a brilliant Celebrant today for J.  Today was not a day I had been looking forward to, but you really created a fantastic Ceremony.  Your opening words perfectly captured the emotion present at the start and moved 175 of his family and friends through music, laughter and tears to say a 'far too early' goodbye.  You have given all of us something to treasure. Thank you again, G."  June 2016.

    " Paul, Thank you for everything you did to make sure S’s service went so well. From start to finish it was just perfect, the care you took from the time you met us was excellent. I know people always say ‘it was such a lovely service’ but it really was. A beautiful time filled with memories and love, and I know S would have approved. So many people asked about you. Thank you so much. It was exactly what I wanted – you made it all possible. Love, J, J, A, H & S. " Jan 2018

    "That was lovely, Paul. Beautifully poetic, and just how I imagined. You sensed all this without having even met us in person. We just wanted to say thank you. As you said, small services can sometimes be the most beautiful. Love, A & M." Mar 2018

    "Paul – that was beautiful. We were not expecting such a well thought-out and heartfelt service for Dad. It blew us away. You took great care of everyone, both inside, and finally outside as we laid Dad to rest. It was truly beautiful. Thank you so much. Love, D, C and all of B’s family."  May 2018

    "Paul – thank you for a brilliant outdoor service today for A. It was so ‘her’ she loved nature and the outdoors and to do things ‘differently’ so even when the ducks waddled through the ceremony whilst you were conducting just made it even better. Thank you for everything, you’ve been amazing, and so many people commented on the ‘different’ service…I think it impacted a lot on many people who came to say their farewells in a really positive way. Love A, T, T, P, E, L and A."  Jun 2018

    "What a beautiful service, Paul. Many people who attended commented about how different and personal it was from others they had been to. You made the afternoon so special and memorable both for J and for us. Thank you for your understanding, kindness and help in getting it just right. We were so glad you were recommended to us. Love V, S, J, B & B."  Jul 2018

    "I just wanted to thank you personally for everything you did for us on Friday. I was looking for you afterwards but couldn’t find you! It was perfect – really a beautiful service. We never expected to be saying goodbye to someone so young, but you made A’s tribute fun, a bit cheeky (as he was) and communicated it with that same love and pride he had himself . You weren’t ‘stuffy’ and it was so nice to hear people chuckle as you told the stories we shared about him, but we also felt your own emotion too when you read out words on behalf of our family. Everyone talked about you afterwards and said how great you had been and how, in some cases, it had been the ‘best’ funeral they’d been too. Love, A, S, T & T, H, C and all of A’s family".  Sep 2018

    "That was so perfect Paul. Such a beautiful service for our little N. Gently delivered with compassion and love – it really was the ‘human touch’ we all needed at such a difficult and sad time. Thank you for everything you have done in supporting us and for creating the most tender of Ceremonies. Love, J, C and families."  Oct 2018